Genuine Hypnotist and

30 Year Master of the Stage!!

Comedy Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye is a real hypnotist certified in hypnosis. In addition, he is a stage comedy expert with over 30 years of live comedy show experience. This show is his ultimate in comedy, a fusion of stage comedy expertise with hypnotism. The combination produces this most unique and unforgettable, amazingly entertaining live comedy show experience!

A.J. LaHaye, The Amazing Comedy Hypnotist naturally and skillfully plays off human nature to bring out his volunteer’s hidden talents, latent abilities and funnier sides.



“…the funniest live comedy show you will ever see!”

Corporate – A.J. LaHaye’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is ideal entertainment for corporate and convention parties and banquets.

High School
It is just right for high school Project Graduations, Pro-Grads, and After-Proms as well.

This show is also raved about for university and college student activities and programs!

As seen on TV!

Your Guests Will Keep Memories of Your

Event Forever!!

You want your guests to always remember your occasion, right? Amazing Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is the best entertainment you can get and it does just that. It’s unforgettable! It always comes up in future conversation,… and always with fond memories of your event!

9 Reasons Why Comedy Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye Presents

“The Funniest Live Comedy Show You Will Ever See!”

  • Experienced Comedy Entertainer After more than 30 years entertaining audiences with live comedy, A.J. LaHaye can work well with all audiences.
  • A Real Hypnotist He is, in fact, a Consulting Hypnotist and ran his own clinic actually using hypnosis in real practice.
  • Professional Voice Formerly a Radio Announcer and DJ, he has a professionally trained voice, deep, distinctive and commanding.
  • Stage Skills – He has a charismatic stage presence that only comes from a natural born gift coupled with years of experience.
  • Easy To Work WithNo “entertainer’s ego” to deal with.
  • AppropriatePerfect for any audience. No off-color humor… unless you ask for it!
  • Ethical Presentation Mr. LaHaye embarrasses no one and actually taught ethics to young people.
  • Memorable Experience – The impact of the show causes your guests to remember your event for the rest of their lives! People who see it talk about it for years. Truly unforgettable!
  • Perfect Punctuation – If the purpose of your event is to instill a message then this show is an anchor to it.


Here are some pictures from one of his latest shows!


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