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Houston comedian
Houston comedian

Houston Comedian & Hypnotist

A.J. LaHaye is a real certified hypnotist and comedian with 30 years of live  stage experience.  You’ve seen A.J. LaHaye on Great Day Houston and now  his comedy hypnosis show is available for live shows at colleges, corporate events and parties all across the United States. His show is the ultimate in comedy, a fusion of stage comedy expertise with hypnotism. The combination produces this most unforgettably hilarious live comedy show! The show plays off human nature and brings out his volunteer’s hidden talents, latent abilities and funnier sides.


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The Show

College & University Shows!

Student and Campus Activity Programming has never been so much fun!  Comedy Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye has been entertaining college students for over 30 years.  We have a lot of fun and the students really love participating!


Faculty and student activities programmers love him because his show is totally appropriate entertainment for college and university students.  The students really love A.J. and have great time at the show.  The shows are always age appropriate.

Graduation and Prom have never been so much fun!

Your seniors will remember their big event all their lives when you book Comedy Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye. Whether it’s a Project Graduation, Project Grad or Pro-Grad, Comedy Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye has years of experience working with high school students and does so with ease.


Comedy Hypnotist A.J. LaHaye’s greatest ability is to keep the audience “rolling in the aisles” with laughter without need to resort to inappropriate material. Your audience never even realizes it’s all clean fun!  They’re too busy laughing!

Banquets, Team Building & Fundraisers

The old boring company gatherings are gone now.  You’ve found the Amazing Comedy Hypnotist A. J. LaHaye who has the solution.  Company banquets, fundraisers and conventions are now exciting and fun.  A.J. LaHaye’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is ideal corporate entertainment and a great way for you to make memories.


The show is a natural team building event in and of itself. Your whole group shares in the hilarious experience when they see their friends, coworkers and other group members doing and saying the funniest, sometimes out of character things.

Photos From Shows!

The Reviews Are In.

"The show was absolutely AMAZING!"

Sandy A.

Houston, Texas

"I've never laughed so hard in my life. Everyone was cracking up."

Jennifer C.

Houston, Texas

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