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Q. Is the comedy hypnosis show available in my state?
A. Yes, the comedy hypnosis show is available in all 50 states.
Q.  Is this hypnosis show really the funniest live show we may ever see?
A. Yes,  it really is!  Something in human nature makes us laugh when we see someone doing something seemingly involuntarily. Humans have an instinctual tendency to laugh at things like someone tripping, sneezing or someone’s funny laugh. It’s why we laugh at slapstick comedy. This  is exactly the thing, only on steroids, that makes A.J. LaHaye’s hypnosis show so very, very funny.  Mr. LaHaye skillfully knows how to bring out their funniest selves. Your guests can’t help but laugh so hard they cry.  People are soooo funny!
The volunteers are just showing the very different, unique, surprising and wonderfully funny people they truly are, all brought out by the hypnotic skills of genuine hypnotist A.J. LaHaye.  It’s a non-stop, side-splitting, falling in the aisles, roller-coaster ride of laughter!  The funniest live comedy show you and your guests may ever see!
Q. How long does the hypnosis show last?
A.   It’s supposed to be an hour.  However,  you should probably always count on an hour and 15 minutes because we are usually having so much fun that it is hard to stop.
Q.  Do parents and bosses approve?
A.  Absolutely.  Hypnosis has repeatedly been scientifically proven to be safe. One cannot get stuck in hypnosis. It is officially approved by the American Medical Association and by the Catholic Church and inline with the teachings of every major religion.  The show is done in good taste with offense to no one.
Q.  Will they remember what they did after the show?
A.  It depends on the person. If they believe they will forget then they will. Mr. LaHaye does not give them any suggestions to forget what they did.   However, some people will forget simply because of a pre-conceived notion that they will.   Even then they will probably remember in a few weeks.  But they don’t care!  Mr. LaHaye takes great care never to embarrass anyone.  At least not forever!
Q.  Do we need to pre-arrange participants for A.J. LaHaye’s Hypnosis Show?
A.  Absolutely NOT.  Pre-arranged volunteers make it feel and look set-up.  Mr. LaHaye always asks for volunteers straight from the audience.  Spontaneity is one of the ingredients that make a hypnosis show fun and interesting.  By volunteering people are saying that they are willing to be hypnotized and being willing is also a large part of it.
Q. Can the hypnosis show be done in my facility?
A.  Mr. LaHaye is very adaptable and can do a show almost anywhere.  On a stage at a theatre or auditorium with the audience in seats is ideal.  The show is best seen on a stage or elevated platform but it can be done on a floor as long as the whole audience can see.  A gymnasium is suitable as long as there is room for the stage or staging area and seating.  On risers in a hotel meeting or ballroom is perfect but even on the floor is possible with smaller audiences.
Q.  How big a stage or area do I need?
A.  A stage or area of 16′ by 20′ is usually ideal.
Q.  How many people are needed for hypnosis show?
A.  An audience of at least 40 is needed to insure we get enough good volunteers, though it’s been done for as little as 27 people.  There is virtually no maximum as long as everyone can see.
Q.  Should I keep the hypnosis show a secret and let it be a surprise to my guests?
A.  No. Please don’t.  The hypnosis actually starts well before the show. Poetential attendees begin to consider getting hypnotized.  Announcing the hypnosis show early also creates a buzz and builds excitement.  It’s like how packing and planning for a trip is a large part of the fun of going on vacation.
Q.  Can you hypnotize my boss to…..?
A.  Yes, but they must volunteer.  One cannot be forced into hypnosis.  (But think of the possibilities.)
Q.  Will anyone in the hypnosis show be embarrassed?
A.  No. All suggestions are designed to bring out the best and funniest in people, not to embarrass them.  Mr. LaHaye is very sensitive to people’s feelings throughout the show. The show is designed to please the most discriminating and sensitive corporate or student audiences. The dignity of both his volunteers is always protected.
Q.  Is the hypnosis show safe?
A.  Yes. Hypnosis itself is scientifically proven 100% psychologically safe.  A.J. LaHaye also screens his volunteers for injuries, recent surgeries, certain medications and other criteria to insure everyone’s safety.  Mr. LaHaye actually taught safety to many children in the Houston area schools.  He is very conscious of any physical dangers of being on stage. If need be he will even give suggestions for safety to the subjects while they are under hypnosis. He constantly works to protect the safety of those on stage as well as the audience.
Q.  What do I need to provide for the show?
A.  1.)  A suitable venue: an auditorium, gymnasium, meeting hall, hotel or restaurant meeting room or ballroom is needed.  The show is ideally seen on a stage or elevated platform of 16′ by 20′.  The show can be done on the floor too with the audience sitting on the floor though a seat for all is best.  The room needs to be relatively quiet without excess ambient noise from outside the area.
2.)  A 150 watt or larger amplifier with at least two inputs and a minimum of 2 speakers is ideal. More is always better. Mr. LaHaye will bring his own wireless microphone and music player. If you do not have an adequate sound system Mr. LaHaye will bring one at a minimal cost.
3.)  12-20 chairs on the stage arranged in a straight line.  Allowing at least 3 feet behind the chairs and six feet in front of them is ideal.
4.)  An audience of at least 40 is required to insure there are enough people to volunteer.  There is virtually no maximum so invite as many as you can or want.  The more the merrier!
5.)  Travel Expenses for shows located more than 100 miles from Houston.
a.  Hotel:  If the location of the show requires an overnight stay, you will need to provide Mr. LaHaye with hotel accommodations with Mr. LaHaye’s approval of choice of hotel.  Hotel room can be donated to your 501c3 nonprofit organization.
b.  Mileage or Airfare.  If the location of the show requires air travel you will need to provide round-trip airfare and additional baggage charges (if bringing sound system) from Houston, Texas. Otherwise driving mileage will be required at the standard rate per mile. A patron’s Frequent Flyer Reward Points can be used for airfare as a donation to your 501c3 nonprofit organization.
c.  Ground transportation.  You will need to provide a taxi, limousine or rental car to and from the airport, hotel and show.

Mr. LaHaye can handle all travel arrangements producing receipts for re-reimbursement.



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